ISO 9001:2000

PER Plus Logistics BV is certified on  the basis of the globally recognised quality standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. The structure, documentation, realisation and maintenance of our quality management system provide a natural working basis for us. We have systematically analysed and documented all our processes and their application, consequences and interactions with one another.


Compliance with and implementation of our quality objectives and all processes are regularly examined, evaluated and optimised by specialist auditors. External experts inspected our processes for the first time in August 2000. Since then, there has been an annual re-audit.


Safety Quality Assessment System (SQAS)

We continuously aim to provide our distribution services safely and with high quality taking due consideration of staff protection, the general public and the environment.

Our work includes as a matter of course the systematic introduction, implementation and maintenance of safety and quality systems recognised throughout Europe, such as the SQAS of the chemical industry.


All organisational and technical processes of PER Plus Logistics B.V. have been oriented to the approx. 500 items in the SQAS list since the founding of our company. The focus has been particularly on management, safety, health and environmental protection, equipment, operation, plant protection and plant inspection.

In September 2003, we were the first Tankcontainer operator in the Netherlands to obtain the official SQAS attestation. Several SQAS reassessments have meanwhile been carried out by the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) in the United Kingdom with very good results. The SQAS assessment was made under the supervision of the European Chemical Industry Council CEFIC.



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