Supply chain management our profession !


PER Plus Logistics B.V. offers customized logistic solutions made to order meeting  the individual needs of clients. These solutions hold all aspects of supply chain management from pre-production to dispatch and final delivery.


Logistic Management though is more than just product and transport management. It requires innovation, constant evaluation and re-evaluation of available resources and service providers matched to the specific requirements of clients business.


Our aim at PER Plus Logistics B.V. is to provide true value added service geared to ensure that our clients achieve the highest standards of customer service, increased efficiency and competitive advantage.


In the strive to offer quality and a policy of continuous improvement PER Plus Logistics has achieved to qualify for ISO-9001:2000 and SQAS. The SQAS assessment form is available upon request at CDI.


Our total neutrality means that clients have access to the widest possible range of carriers and service providers. Clients have the choice to contract transport services directly or through PER Plus Logistics B.V.. as appropriate to their wishes or those of their customers. Whatever the choice, our service and expertise will always be on hand to ensure optimum performance and control, giving our clients freedom to concentrate on their core business skills in the confident knowledge that their supply and logistic chain is in the hands of professionals.


PER Plus Logistics B.V. has 3 specialized companies PER Plus Logistics Tankcontainers B.V., PER Plus Logistics Flexitanks B.V., PER Plus Logistics  Rent & trade B.V.


PER Plus Logistics BV is member of following trade organisations: